【English relay and 6 week review quiz】

Today was an English relay with Coach Todd passing the microphone from student to student using a timer to compete. Every class in school competes for the fastest time. “A. Hello B. Hello. A. How are you? B. I’m great. How are you? A. I’m wonderful.” Then the microphone goes to the next student.

The practice round woke them up and gave them confidence, but the second round really motivated them to beat their previous time and the previous classes!

The fun continued with the whole class vs. Todd in a 5 week review. All English covered in the last 5/6 weeks was quizzed and the students had a great time in the quiz atmosphere. They laughed, shouted, jumped and did their best to beat the teacher which of course they succeeded.

A review of all English in the previous lessons was given in the exact same quiz format as well as the relay to all classes. In this case all classes performed the same tasks and were all equally competitive and motivated to do their best. It was a very competitive Sports-like day.